The power of partnerships goes beyond the stage for West Australian Ballet

As West Australia Ballet celebrates its 70th anniversary, it recognizes and celebrates the outstanding corporate contributions that help ensure a legacy of continuity and success. 2021 saw an 80% partner retention rate, demonstrating West Australian Ballet’s commitment to nurturing strong relationships with its sponsors. At a time when the very future of the Company was in question due to the pandemic, West Australians showed the deep love and connection they have with Australia’s oldest ballet company by providing philanthropic support.

It shows how keen companies are to leverage their close ties to a non-profit organization to provide lasting support to the cultural and creative industries, which have suffered significant financial losses due to the pandemic. Recognizing that dance is a cultural asset that greatly enriches the sense of community identity, as well as a means of expression and storytelling is more important than ever. Therefore, the willingness to collaborate is positively linked to raising voices and sustaining a culture of innovation.

Woodside Energy, Lotterywest, Wesfarmers Arts, Singapore Airlines, Healthway, Bendat Family Foundation, Minderoo Foundation, Simon Lee Foundation and the Wright Burt Foundation are among the many business and philanthropic partners who have provided unwavering support to the oldest professional ballet company of Australia for many years, contributed to its success.

The power of creativity is central to West Australian Ballet’s approach to creating lasting connections within and beyond an organisation. Exploring innovative partnership arrangements is always at the forefront of establishing a successful sponsorship and partnership program, with the company continually looking for ways to help communicate the unique brand identity and values ​​of its sponsors.

Howard Park Wines, proud partner of West Australian Ballet, recently worked with the company on its 2021 sparkling wine advertising campaign. Just as dancers must strike the masterful balance between strength, balance and elevation to perform the perfect throw (ballet terminology for “jump”), winegrowers also do this in the development of their product. It is in honor of this bond that Howard Park Wine’s award-winning Jeté sparkling wine collection is named.

As well as celebrating the work that goes into ballet and winemaking, the range is also an ode to a family heritage, with the family business having longstanding ties to professional ballet in Australia. It is the only winery in the country – and, quite possibly, the world – to have a former principal and soloist dancer on staff (David Burch, for the Australian Ballet, and Lesley Scogna, for the West Australian Ballet, all two siblings of founder Jeff Burch).

The campaign was made possible through creative collaboration and the blending of ideas, but more than that, it was the shared passion for creative pursuits that laid the foundation for success. Moving from an individual mindset to a collaborative mindset is at the heart of building something truly lasting and profound. It is for this reason that West Australian Ballet believes that in business and dance, having the right partner is essential.

As part of West Australian Ballet’s ongoing commitment and passion to enrich lives through dance, they are always ready to welcome new partners to join their network. They have a long-standing reputation for supporting and working with partners every step of the way, ensuring goals are achieved and aligned with the interests of both parties.

However, fostering successful partnerships is about more than setting common goals and working to achieve them. West Australian Ballet engages its partners by providing high quality experiences, hospitality and unforgettable moments. A partnership with the West Australian Ballet offers many opportunities for networking, connecting with diverse audiences, as well as providing unique and compelling insight into the creative arts.

The importance of philanthropy to West Australian Ballet beyond the stage cannot be underestimated. Representing nearly 20% of total revenues in 2021, the support provided by patrons opens up new creative possibilities and ensures a bright future for the company. No matter how big or small, every donation keeps dancers “on edge,” brings artistic visions to life, and spreads the joy of dance throughout the community and beyond.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, philanthropic support increased by 44%, with several new donors choosing to donate the cost of their tickets to the Society. Participation in philanthropic activities, such as volunteering and giving, encourages people to see themselves as part of something bigger and gives them a sense of contributing to the social and cultural well-being of the wider community. .

Given its ability to focus on a unique cultural experience, the West Australian Ballet is uniquely positioned to continue to provide truly meaningful partnerships in the future. To find out more about corporate partnership opportunities with the West Australian Ballet, visit their website here.