The regiment is improving its carbon footprint through the disposal of certain pressure pumping assets; Acquire additional level 4 assets

Midland, TX, October 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Regiment, LLC (“Regiment”), a growth-oriented pressure pump rental and service company based in Midland, TX, is pleased to announce the divestiture of its Tier 2 pressure pumping assets to an undisclosed party. Regiment has recycled a portion of the proceeds into the acquisition of additional emissions-friendly Tier 4 assets, creating the largest Tier 4-only pressure pump rental fleet in the world. Regiment intends to expand operations both domestically and overseas in 2023.

“This transaction highlights our team’s continued commitment to building quality, high-specification, emissions-conscious assets,” said the Regiment’s Founder and Chief Financial Officer. Marcus Minton. “We are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art equipment, with plans for further technology additions in 2023.”

Regiment is a holding company of Energy Founders Fund, LP. “We continue to see opportunities for expansion in the Permian Basin and are excited to support the regiment’s continued growth,” added John Donovan, Managing Partner of Energy Founders Fund. “The Regiment’s growing asset-based and expanded service lines will allow the team to meet growing demand from current customers, as well as expand to meet new customer needs”

About the regiment

Founded in 2017, Regiment is an energy service provider specializing in pressure pumping and rental in the energy sector. The company operates large-scale pumps, primarily for pumping and fracturing operations, and operates the largest fleet of exclusively Tier 4 rental pressure pumps in the world.

SOURCE Regiment, LLC