The Russian oligarch’s most valuable assets, from superyachts and jets to estates, are under sanctions. Here’s what’s been captured so far.

Sanctioned Russian oligarchs have had their assets seized by governments due to sanctions imposed on them by western country following The invasion of Russia from Ukraine on February 24.

The measures taken against key Russian figures were intended to stifle the country’s ability to access critical cash reserves and cut it off from the world. Meanwhile, Russian billionaires have had their superyachts and properties seized, along with their jets held on the ground.

The location of Abramovich’s two billion-dollar superyachts has been scrutinized and guarded these last weeks. He was seen during peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, and was allegedly the target of a suspect poison attack.

A month after Russia invaded Ukraine, here’s a look at what’s been seized so far.

Superyachts, many of which are worth millions of dollars, have been the main targets of the sanctions. However, while authorities have tried to seize several of the 400 sanctioned Russian oligarchs, some remain untraceable. At least nine superyachts owned by Russian tycoons turned off their tracking systems after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Linked to Igor Sechin, former Russian Deputy Prime Minister and CEO of state-controlled oil giant Rosneft,Love Vero was seized by the French authorities on March 3.

Sechin, whose yacht is valued at $120 millionhas been sanctioned by the US, UK and EU.

Italy seized two superyachts in the following days. Lena was seized on March 5 and is owned by Gennady Timchenko, whose family were also punished. The second superyacht seized belongs to Russia’s richest businessman, Alexei Mordashov, according to Forbes.

Timchenko was sanctioned by the EU, which described him as a “longtime acquaintance” of Putin. It has also been sanctioned by the UK and the US.

Sailboat A is the largest sailing ship in the world, measuring approximately 469 feet in length and featuring eight decks.

Melnichenko, who is worth $11 billion according to Forbes, founded fertilizer producer EuroChem Group and coal-fired power company SUEK.

Spanish authorities grabbed Valerie March 14. In a televised address, however, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez did not name the owner. Two sources said Reuters that it belonged to the oligarch Sergei Chemezov, and that the yacht is worth 153 million dollars.

Chemezov, CEO of Russian state defense conglomerate Rostec was appointed in US sanctions in March 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine. The most recent US sanctions also target Chemezov’s wife, son and daughter-in-law.

Linked to Igor SechinCrescent was seized by Spain, two weeks after the Amore Vero was seized by France.

The yacht is worth $600 million.

Spain detained Lady Anastasia, which belongs to Alexander Mikheev, on March 15.

Mikheev is the CEO of the Russian military arms company Rosoboronexport. He was sanctioned by the United States on March 15.

The yacht has undergone ashipwreck attempt of a Ukrainian crew member while docked in Mallorca on 26 February.

Worth $50 million, Phi was seized by UK after docking in London for an awards ceremony.

The National Crime Agency did not reveal the name of the owner but mentioned that it is owned by a Russian businessman and the yacht is valued at $38 million ($49.9 million).

The Government of Gibraltar said he got it the $75 million superyacht owned by a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

Dmitry Pumpyansky, who has an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion, is the owner of Russia’s largest steel pipe maker, TMK.

by Alexei Mordashov building complexworth $116 million, was seized on March 18 in Portisco, Sardinia, Italy.

The Swiss authorities, who broke their status of neutrality to adopt sanctions,seized a mountain housewhich would belong to the oligarch Petr Aven.

According to ReutersItalian authorities have seized both Alisher Usmanov’s $19 million luxury villa in Sardinia and Russian politician Oleg Savchenko’s $3 million mansion in Tuscany.

Some properties in the UK, which have not been seized or detained but belong to sanctioned persons, have been frozen. Squatters entered the mansion belonging to Oleg Deripaska in Belgrave Square, London on March 14.

The UK has detained two jet planes belonging to Eugene Shvidler $45 million Bombardier Global 6500 (not shown) and $13 million Cessna Citation Latitude. Shvidler was added to Britain’s sanctions list on March 24, which said he had “close business ties with Roman Abramovich”.

Shvidler partnered with Abramovich to take control of oil giant Sibneft via auction in 1995, and he was chairman of Abramovich’s investment and asset management firm Millhouse LLC, but resigned when Abramovich was sanctioned.