The State prepares a roadmap on agro-industrial activities

Kolkata: Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi on Saturday indicated the formation of grassroots groups, involving agricultural marketing and other allied departments and wings of the state government, to prepare a roadmap on agribusiness activities in Kolkata. implement in the districts.

An ‘Agribusiness Gathering 2022’ was organized at Nabanna Sabhaghar under the chairmanship of Dwivedi where concrete suggestions and inputs were received for the development of a roadmap for agribusiness in an integrated approach based on the clusters which will be pursued by the departments.

The main groups will have people from the agri-food industry as members and there will be timelines for the implementation of the roadmap for agriculture and the related sector.

About 220 participants from sectors dealing with agriculture-related business attended the meeting. Major players from the agricultural and related sectors associated with agriculture and horticulture, such as distribution chain and cold chain, were also present.

Self-sufficiency in fish production through improved farming practices was discussed in detail and industry delegates showed keen interest in investing in the state’s marine and aquatic sector. OPAs presented their experiences of organizing farmers and linking markets in a significant way in several districts.

“The meeting was aimed at strengthening market linkages and facilitating the improvement of the state’s agro-industry in oilseeds, pulses, maize, vegetables and fruits, poultry feed, fishing and fish feed, rice bran oil, food processing and value addition in agriculture and related activities with the primary aim of fostering employment opportunities in the said sectors and increasing farmers’ incomes,” said a senior official present at the meeting.

The Chief Secretary pointed out that there has been a rapid rise in the agricultural scenario of Bengal under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Bengal is the leading producer of rice, jute, vegetables and fish seeds.

A staggering 7-fold increase was made in maize production. Pulse production grew by 2.5 times and oilseed production by 1.5 times.

Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries, Senior and Field Officers of Departments of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing, Animal Resources Development, Food Processing Industries and Horticulture, Fisheries, from Food and Supply, Cooperation, Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises and Textile, Panchayat and Rural Development and Industry, Trade and Enterprise attended the meeting.