UK confirms damage to two key Moscow naval assets

Amid the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine which continues for the second month, the UK Ministry of Defense posted its latest intelligence update on the ongoing situation on Twitter. The British Ministry of Defense pointed out that Russia had acknowledged that its Slava Moskva-class cruiser had sunk. The British Ministry of Defense said that after the sinking of Moskva, Russia had suffered damage to two naval assets since its military offensive in Ukraine.

According to the British intelligence update, the Slava Moskva-class cruiser played an important role as a command ship and air defense node. The British Ministry of Defense said the Russian ship that sank was one of three Slava-class cruisers in the Russian Navy. According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russia suffered damage to two key naval assets, one being the Russian Alligator-class landing ship, Saratov, and the other being the Slava-class cruiser, Moskva. The Ministry of Defense stressed that after the damage to naval assets, Russia must review its maritime positioning in the Black Sea. The UK Ministry of Defense said ‘Moskva’ was commissioned in 1979 but had been restored to improve its capabilities.

“This incident means that Russia has now suffered damage to two key naval assets since the invasion of Ukraine, the first being the Russian Alligator-class landing ship Saratov on March 24. Both events will likely lead Russia to review its maritime position in the Black Sea,” the UK said. Ministry of Defense said in the intelligence update.

UK announces sanctions against Russian oligarchs

Since Russia launched a military offensive against Ukraine on February 24, the United Kingdom and all other European countries have supported kyiv and announced sanctions against Moscow. On April 14, the British government announced sanctions against two Russian oligarchs, Chelsea Football Club manager Eugene Tenenbaum and another associate of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, David Davidovich.

Announcing the sanctions, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “We are tightening the notch of Putin’s war machine and targeting the circle of people closest to the Kremlin. We will continue with the sanctions until Putin fails in Ukraine. Nothing and no one is on the table.”

According to the UK government statement, the recently announced sanctions against longtime associates of Roman Abramovich will freeze assets estimated at £10 billion.

(Picture: AP)

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