Video press release: FIFA Foundation announces partnerships with Generation Amazing and Qatar Foundation

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The FIFA ( Foundation has signed MoUs with the Qatar Foundation and Generation Amazing to deliver a range of football initiatives aimed at empowering Qatar’s youth and community that go beyond the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

In addition to the MoU signings, the FIFA Foundation, QF and GA also hosted a launch event at the Generation Amazing Community Club – a short distance from Lusail Stadium, the venue for the FIFA World Cup Final FIFA, Qatar 2022, December 18, 2022. Three FIFA World Cup™ stars – FIFA Foundation CEO Youri Djorkaeff and two FIFA Legends; Australian Tim Cahill and Dutchman Nigel de Jong.


Youri Djorkaeff


Football for Schools is our biggest project for the FIFA Foundation. To explain it [in a few] words, there are two very important words in our program: school, football, football, school. We combine two very important things for society: education and sport. Thanks to sport, we gain confidence, confidence, solidarity [unity], [you experience] some defeat sometimes, [you experience] victory. We are strong in society, and in education, of course; you can apply everything you learn during on-the-job training to real life. That’s why we’re so proud to be in Qatar today, a country that we know is opening up to football through the FIFA World Cup, on a different level.


We launched something very interesting because in the modern world, everyone uses their phone. Everyone uses apps on a daily basis. What we have done is create an app where you can access all sessions, football sessions, possible. We have built over 300 sessions. But it’s not just up to us to take it from FIFA and put it in an app with all the explanations. No. We have made videos where, tomorrow, teachers who have never played football will be able to teach the basics of football. It’s new on our application, it’s very connected [interactive] with people who don’t really have a connection with football.

Tim Cahill


I think it’s amazing. FIFA Football for Schools, first of all, I was there in Lebanon when we started the very first program, which was amazing because it really impacts the country and the local community. Today, with the Qatar Foundation, Generation Amazing and all the work we have been doing for two years at the national level, it is a privilege because it is about keeping children active: boys and girls, basic programs, education . This is another conduit to this platform. To have everyone here, Youri Djorkaeff, and everyone involved, especially at a particular time with the [FIFA] The World Cup draw is coming up, it’s exciting, and it’s in Qatar. The greatest show on earth is going to be here, and everyone is doing their best to make it an incredible experience for the World Cup, but also for countries around the world.


I think the biggest thing with FIFA as well is that they have the app to support it, not only for the players but also for the coaches. So when we travel the world and implement the apps and platforms, it educates the teachers, which educates the students, and we’re just having fun and that’s what it’s all about. Like I said, it’s an absolute delight to be here at one of the training centers for the 2022 World Cup in Lusail, and the kids even get a little idea of ​​what a Cup will be like. of the world.

Nigel de Jong


They look up to former football players, and I think that’s very important, but they can also see that you’re just a normal person, as humble as they are. We all started with humble beginnings, we all started like them, so that’s something they look up to as well. If they have questions about football, but also about how to become a better human, then [answering them] is the main target on days like this.

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